Photo of Lime Springers enjoying a parade.

Things To Do In

Lime Springs, Iowa

Just South Of The Border!

  1. Buy a house
  2. Get a haircut
  3. Have lunch
  4. Go camping
  5. Attend church
  6. Buy gas
  7. Have your vehicle repaired
  8. Go swimming
    Photo of people enjoying the Lime Springs swimming pool.
  9. Attend school
  10. Check out a book at the library
  11. Join an organization
  12. Order custom cabinets for your kitchen
  13. Participate in Senior Center activities
  14. Buy a lot and build a house
  15. Use an ATM
  16. Go to a medical clinic
  17. Gather information on your ancestors
  18. Go fishing
  19. Have an animal butchered
  20. Rent a storage garage
  21. Fill your truck with diesel fuel
  22. Sell grain
  23. Buy Amish-made furniture
  24. Have a funeral
  25. Have your tractor repaired
  26. Rent a video
  27. Hire a semitruck
  28. Have your hair curled
  29. Buy hardwood lumber
  30. Buy insurance
  31. Visit a dentist
  32. Drink a beer
  33. Rent a frozen-food locker
  34. Enjoy the river
  35. Buy a new heating/cooling system
  36. Buy feed for your animals
  37. Play horseshoe
  38. Sell hardwood trees
  39. Buy stamps
  40. Join the fire department
  41. Attend story hour
  42. Play cards
  43. Play ball
    Photo of girl playing softball.
  44. Rent an apartment
  45. Visit the cemetery
  46. Watch cable TV
  47. Hire a painter
  48. Visit with friends
  49. Take your pet to a vet
  50. Have your favorite piece of furniture upholstered
  51. Have an adjustment on your back
  52. Tour the new fire station/community center
  53. Participate in city government
  54. Admire the mural on the side of the Leader building
  55. Buy a hard ice cream cone
  56. Drink another beer (One is never enough.)
  57. Take a walk
    Photo of Community Club members making pancakes.
  58. Go hunting
  59. Visit Lidtke Mill
  60. See Japanese beetles
  61. Renovate a building
  62. Buy antiques
  63. Sit in the gazebo
  64. Build a hardware store!
  65. See the world's largest ear of corn
  66. Check your e-mail at the library
  67. Visit with one of our 35 citizens over 90
  68. Visit Hayden Prairie
  69. Watch for eagles
  70. Buy a raffle ticket
  71. Go canoeing
  72. Use the laundromat
  73. Play pool or darts
  74. Join the Community Club
  75. Subscribe to the Lime Springs Herald
  76. ......and more!

If you have any questions, please contact us!
Our phone number is (563) 566-4405.

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